Workplace Yoga

Yoga at Vonchurch

Yoga at VonChurch

One of the best inventions of the 21st Century is yoga at the workplace! Yoga classes at  work offer the following benefits to employees:

* Improvement in health problems, including back, shoulder, and wrist pain caused  by sitting at a desk for long periods of time. Yoga poses relieve tightness in the body,  and promote more ergonomic postural habits.

* Better focus. Concentration practices in yoga train the mind to better focus,  improving the quality of your employees’ work.

* Improvement in mood. Yoga teaches us how to stay relaxed during times of stress,  and how to mindfully deal with conflict when it arises.

* Team bonding. Yoga classes are a great way to allow team members to participate in an enjoyable activity together and build stronger relationships with one another. Yoga also influences us to be kinder.

Karen loves teaching yoga at the workplace. She teaches regularly at Twitter, VonChurch, Kaiser Permanente, and Heroku (Salesforce). She can tailor a class to any demographic. Go here to read some testimonials from her workplace students. Contact her for rates and availability.