The real existence of Aidan O'Flynn is a question sure to bring a chuckle and a story from all who live in these parts. Everyone has a roommate's cousin's ex who's spotted him, and many have even seen the circumstantial evidence: clumps of hair, discarded coffee cups, or mysterious size 13 footprints smeared with paint. Yet only a lucky few have met with Aidan face to face, and these form a society of their own, revered and set apart.

Aidan is said to be semi-nocturnal, and children, after bedtime, sometimes creep to the windows, hoping to glimpse the majestic creature by moonlight. Certain curious and eager souls have declared a mission to capture and study Aidan. They set out lures rumored to attract him: chocolate covered espresso beans, banjo music, and history articles from Wikipedia.

Successful hunters report that Aidan enjoys solving problems and fixing things, and can be extremely persistent, working around the clock for days or weeks to complete a new creation. These adventurers display the most prized trophies, drawings and paintings lovingly crafted by Aidan's own hands.

Most sightings have been reported in Northern California, but Aidan might be spotted anywhere there are books, art, music and good conversation.

If you encounter Aidan, do not panic. Speak calmly and clearly to him, and do not be alarmed if he shows his teeth. This is merely a greeting, and a sure sign that he will soon pick up his brush. Thousands agree that a confirmation of Aidan's legend will be the story of the century, so whatever you do, don't let Aidan get away.